Photos of our new home. Finally we are home!

Well it has been a very long year for us. We are so happy to be home finally. Our house is great and we feel blessed to have a home that was built by our hands. I was constantly worried that it would never get done and was also constantly surprised at how much my son knows about building houses. I have attached some photos of the finished interior of the house. I will now be able to get started back on the blog, but please be patient as we haven’t been able to replace all of the books that I use to keep this blog going. It’s a good thing that we are able to go back through the archives so I know I haven’t lost all of my information. 🙂

Keep looking here for more information as I have been able to find some books I didn’t have before.

And of course, Mark gets into the act and helps too.

Here’s some of the final product:

Our textured ceilings.

This is what both kids’ rooms look like.


Welcome home!

There are more pictures, but not enough time to get them all on here. Let me know what you think and I’ll be posting an informational blog later today.



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