Herb of the Day: Silverweed

( Potentilla anserina )


There is a little legend of this little plant, and goes as such, on whose leaves do the fairies and plant spirits congregate in the moonlight to chat and to dance, and it is on the lovely silvery arms of the Silverweed, of course. It is only in the daytime that we larger folk can take a look at this plant without fear of disturbing its merry nocturnal company. So the legend goes. ,
Clearly visible, runner like stalks spread from the leaf axis to take root and form new plants as far away as 16 inches from its mother plant. In good weather you are able to admire the golden yellow, radiating flowers that stand alone on long stalks grown just for them. When the weather turns bad the flower closes halfway. When it rains the silver green leaves crowd together to protect the fragile yellow flower, it is a protective gesture that has made Silverweed a symbol of the Mother Mary.
We do not have to travel far to find Silverweed because it grows everywhere, in meadows, rubbish piles, along roads, railways, towns, countrysides.
Potentilla anserina is a most valuable, anti-spasmodic remedy with which no unpleasant side effects.
Aids with: abdominal cramps in infants, heals tetanus with hot decoction of the herb in milk, smooth muscles, spasms of the uterus, For muscle spasms apply compresses of Silverweed that has been crushed or soaked in boiling water. Afterward rub Mugwort tincture or Marjoram oil on the effected area. For latter mix 6 drops of essential oil of Marjoram with 50 milliliters of St. John’s Wort oil, shake it vigorously in a jar with a tight lid.
You can find Silverweed is available in herb stores as Herba Anserinae.


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