Herb of the Day: Ramson’s


( Allium ursinum )
Ramps, Wild Garlic, Bear’s Garlic, Lily family, Liliaceae
Especially high contents of essential oils and a good shot of vitamin C

Let us stay with this name a bit longer, Ramson’s holds a story of its purpose and healing power. The English calls it Ramsons, or Ramps, Old German names are called Ramser, Rams,and Rames. These names point to the old English root ” hramsa,” the Old High German ramesadra, a connection found in all European languages for plants of the onion and garlic family.
In his 8th century,” ordinance for rural estates “, Emperor Karl decreed that Ramsons should appear with certain other plants in every garden. But the plant fell out of fashion, and again it runs wild , it is said to surpass garlic’s healing powers. Ramson being a member of the Lily family, it has a intense garlic smell, metallic green leaves.
Aids with; cleansing the stomach, intestines, and blood, people who are chronically ill, those afflicted with lichens, rashes, scrofula, and chlorosis should worship this plant more than gold, and young people would blossom like a trellis of roses. It helps those who in spring still have winter stuck in their limbs and spirits.
Ramsons has a bactericidal effect on the intestinal flora without destroying the beneficial intestinal bacteria necessary for digestion.It is good to recommend to patients once they finish a course of treatment with strong drugs like antibiotics and sulfonamides. The Herb reestablishes the intestinal balance destroyed by the drugs. If a person travels to countries where the risk of intestinal infections is high a preventive course of treatment with Ramsons can strengthen the resistance of intestinal flora.Like garlic Ramsons helps treat hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure.
It is available commercially from a naturopathic or homeopathic pharmacy.
To make your own pick in early spring before flowering. Fill a jar with freshly chopped Ramsons leaves and cover them with a 45 % grain spirit or fruit liqueur. Let it sit cover well, for a few weeks before straining the tincture into bottles. A dose is 20 drops taken before meals, 3 times a day.


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