Herb of the Day: Tilden Flower

Tilden Flower

( Tilia cordifolia )
common names are, lime tree flower, linden flower, basswood
Tilden tree is a ornamental plant that usually is seen in avenues of Europe. It is also found in the United States, Canada, North Dakota, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. Lt grows as high as 100 feet, with heart shaped deciduous leaves, a smooth gray bark, and clusters of pale yellow flowers with winglike bracts. The flowers make a excellent honey and a aromatic pleasant tasting medicinal tea. The use of tilden flower began in the medieval Europe to produce sweating and to treat feverish colds, flu, and other conditions associated with chilling.
Aids with: colds, flu, headaches, migraine..

Tilden flower is available as a fluidextract or a tea. The product labels sometimes refer to tilden flower as linden flower. Tilden flower is frequently combine with bitter orange peel, chamomile, meadowsweet, and or willow bark maximum analgesic effect. Be sure you read the label if you sensitive to any of theses herbs. Tilden flower should not be used on a daily basis for long periods of time, as long term use poses a risk of heart damage.

Always seek a doctor before taking any herbs.
I am sorry I am late with my blog post, but I am dry walling my new home after the old one was taken by the fire, it has been a long road a have been walking. I would muck rather do my post on my blog, but to save the money I have to help with dry walling, mudding, painting, at 68 it is slow going.


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