Homeopathy: Antimonium Crud.

Antimonium Crud.
( Stibium sulphuratum nigrum syn. Antimonium crum )

Antimony occurs naturally in crystalline form as the mineral stibnite, which was used ( as kohl ) by women in ancient Rome and the Middle East as a cosmetic. Prepared chemically for various industrial purposes, it is often used to coat the tips of matches, since it ignites when struck against red phosphorus. The Homeopathic remedy was proven by Hannemann and his colleague, Caspari, in 1828. It is prescribed primarily for skin problems and digestive disorders.
The German doctor Samuel Christian Hahnemann ( 1755-1843 ) began practicing in 1780,he continued in practice for nine years., to which time he became increasingly disillusioned with harsh medical methods of the day. Articles written to supplement his income, Hahnemann attacked the extreme medical practices of the day, advocating instead good public hygiene, improved housing conditions, better nutrition, fresh air, and exercise. Eventually his convictions led him to cease work as a doctor. One should always read all they can about on Homeopathy, Holistic,Herbal, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy remedies some day we may need to rely on their healing uses.

Antimonium Crud.
It is found naturally in the mineral stibnite, which forms as crystals, in quartz veins throughout many parts of the U. S. and Europe.

Preparation is
, Stibnite is roasted and heated with carbon to extract the antimony, which is then triturated with lactose sugar, diluted , and succussed.

Antimonium Crud. aids with, skin infections such as chicken pox, a rash inside the mouth, rashes on the arms, legs, hives, eczema, fluided filled blisters, often due to impetigo. Nail conditions, calluses, warts, corns, nails may split repeatedly. Digestive disorders, belching, nausea, . Gout.


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