Herb of the Day: Calendula

( Calendula officinalis )

Calendula is a annual or biennial aromatic native to the Mediterranean countries. Its name refers to its tendency to bear flowers by the calender, once a month in warm climates, usually during the new moon. Marigold refers to the Virgin Mary, and marigolds are traditionally used in Catholic celebrations concerning the Virgin Mary. The flowers bear many petaled orange or yellow flowering heads 2 or 3 inches in diameter. The flowers are grown widely as a garden flower and cultivated for use in herbal medicine in Eastern Europe and throughout Latin America. The flower are used in herbal preparations.
Calendula is a antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain killing. Some chemical components of calendula have shown in tests, potential as a reverse transcriptase inhibitor for treatment of HIV/Aids.

Aids with:allergies, bowel diseases, conjunctivitis, gastritis, mucous membrane, skin disorders, used as a cream it stimulates the production of collagen, calendula extracts stop bleeding from cuts and scrapes while preventing infection, calendula washes kill Staphylococcus, calendula used externally helps injured skin to rejuvenate. Calendula is available in creams, eyedrops, teas, and tinctures.


2 thoughts on “Herb of the Day: Calendula

  1. Thank you for writing interesting features on Calendula. We in India use it commonly as a effective cream for cuts and bruises. Children prefer in it to tincture iodine.


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