Editorial: Need a little Advice

As all knows on Nov. 30th my home burnt. Had insurance, so the check was in my name also the banks. So I had to send it to the bank and they give out in 1/3 at a time. Well I got 1/3 to start and now the basement and framing & roof, electric, plumbing is done. The bank said it was only 45% done and can not get any more of the money until it is 50% done. I have already spent 40,000.00 of my own money to help get it this far. What to next, do not know I have no money left. Anyone have any Ideals on this would be helpful.
Always a friend


2 thoughts on “Editorial: Need a little Advice

  1. I would seek a legal advice…Not to hire the attorney to do things for you as that would be costly…Just a consult…A one time visit…
    That is so unjust…down tight wrong…
    Blessings my firend…smoke is in the air for you…

  2. Hello Sandy,
    Thank you for your advice and used it, Then I call the bank , they are sending the money so I can get starting again, My Goodness did not think it would be so hard to do. It is good to Pray and have good friends.
    Thank you Always a friend,

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