Herbal Healing: Miracle Leaf Oil

Miracle Leaf Oil

This oil one can make on own. It is made from the herb called Ground Ivy, which fortunately grows year round. Just brush the snow away and you shall find it in the winter months. I have seen people tear this herb out thinking it is a weed. With the suns help you can make a oil from this herb.It is good for wounds, burns that are difficult to heal.

Miracle Leaf Oil:
Gather fresh ground ivy leaves in June and July. Wipe off any dirt without washing them. Fill a mason jar 1/3 with tightly packed leaves and place it in the sun where, afyer a few days, and at the bottom a light colored liquid will collect. This than should be carefully strained into a dark glass vial and stored in a cool place. When needed spread the oil on wounds several times a day.


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