Herb of the Day: Cinnamon Twig

Cinnamon Twig
(Cinnamomum cassia )

Cinnamon twigs are sometimes called cassia, it is prescribed for colds, influenza, arthritis, and minor gynecological problems. Preparations of this herb have shown a possible antibiotic effect against organisms such as staphylococcus and salmonella. This herb is considered a diuretic. Cinnamon twigs of good quality can be discerned by their strong fragrance and brownish red color. This herb has many properties in common with cinnamon bark, Chinese herbalists use each part of the plant to treat a different set of ailments. Cinnamon twig are characterized in traditional Chinese medicine as warm, acrid, and sweet.
There is a precaution of this herb, do not use this herb to treat influenza with a high fever., be careful if you are pregnant or if bleeding heavily , because this herb may cause more bleeding or difficulties with the pregnancy.
Aids with: colds,influenza, low grade fevers,chills, arthritis, gynecological problems as painful menstruation or uterine fibroids, rheumatism.


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