Herb of the Day: Peppermint

( Mentha x piperita )

Peppermint is a native to Europe and western Asia, and is cultivated around the world. It is a perennial herb that promotes a overall sense of well being. It stimulates the liver and loosen mucus, and can be used as a antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial agent. It helps relieve pain, stomach discomfort, and nausea. Preceded by an initial cooling action, peppermint produces a warming effect.
Peppermint oil is colorless, pale yellow, or green and is a popular flavoring agent, as well as a effective insect repellent. AS the oil ages, it darkens and thickens. The United States is the largest producer of peppermint essential oil.
The flowering tops and leaves are distilled to produce the essential oil. The oil glands are easily accessible on the outside of the leaves. It must be diluted before it is applied to the skin. Mix 8 to 20 drops with 2 tbsp. vegetable or nut oil or aloe gel. Use fewer drops for sensitive skin and more for tough skin. To inhale it put a few drops on tissue but keep eyes closed.
Avoid peppermint if you have epilepsy or other neural disorders. Do not use if pregnant, or children under 30 months of age, do not use if under going homeopathic treatments, mint acts as a antagonist to many homeopathic remedies, to some do not use at bed times it could keep you awake.
Aids with: headaches, bronchitis,sinus, colds, flu, motion sickness, shock, sore feet, mental fatigue, indigestion nausea, muscle and joint pain, neuralgia.


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