Herb of the Day: Blue Mallow

Blue Mallow
( Malva sylvestris )

Also known as Common Mallow, Mauls
This herb has both internal and external uses reported. The entire plant including the flowers, has beneficial value. It is a popular cure for coughs, colds, and similar ailments.
The dried plant is allowed to dry and then ground into a powder form. The whole plant when dried may be crumpled and placed into a container instead of the powder, but when this is done it is more difficult to measure the correct amount of herb in relation to the water.
A pint of boiling water is poured over about 1/2 oz. of the herb and allowed to stand a few minutes until the water is cooled to drink.
There are so many healing herbs, I myself grew up with a Grandmother,Aunts,uses of herbs. When we became ill they went to the fields and picked herbs. We never went to a doctor. I just pray I can remember them all. Thank you my friends for stopping by and enjoying them with me. It is a pleasure to share them with you. My Grandchildren are leaning them also, we go in the yard,fields and I tell them what they are, maybe some day they will enjoy them as I do. I lost a lot of my herbs in the fire, so God be willing I can start over, they are free and a gift from God just take a walk with a herb book you will see them all over.


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