Herb of the Day: Black Currant

Black Currant
(Ribes nigrum of the Saxifragacea family )

Black Currant grows in United States, and Europe, especially northern England and Scotland. It needs sun and fair soil. It is a low shrub and its leaves are shaped as the palm of the hand ( palmate ), with 5 or more lob. It has been known to restore the nervous systems. The yellow glands on the under surface of leaves are about 2 inches in diameter.
The fruit is used for jams and jelly. The leaves are diuretic, stimulating urine excretion, reduce abnormal heat of the body ( refrigerant ), and acts as a detergent, cleansing wounds and ulcers. Used for hoarse throats and as a tonic. The juice of the Black Currant berry is known as a antiseptic and blood purifier, restores the nervous system, valuable in anemia, malnutrition and general debility. This herb has a rich supply of vitamins and considerable nutritive value.
To make a syrup of Black Currant
use a ounce of leaves in a pint of water
cover the leaves with boiling water and steep for 1/2 hour
strain out the liquid and add honey to taste
boil the solution into a syrup and place in to bottles use as desired


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