Herb of the Day: Hoelen

( Poria cocos )

Hoelen is a mushroom that grows underground on the roots of a pine and other trees around the world. It is used as a food rather than a medicine, in the 19th century it was known as tuckahoe in eastern and southern United States. A single mushroom can grow to 15 to 20 pounds. The large mushroom can be ground into flour thus the herb became better known as tuckahoe bread. Hoelen is a healing mushroom and a very good source of potassium. It is a effective diuretic and has antibacterial properties. It is used by the Native American and Chinese medicine, to treat kidney ailments, lowering blood sugar, and controlling stomach acids, Lupus.
Hoelen relieves chronic inflammation of glomerulonephritis. That means it is a autoimmune condition that results when the body produces antibodies that attacks its own tissues. Sometimes these antibodies collect in the kidney, which clogged and loses its ability to retain essential products. Proteins starts to leak out into the urine, a process that can quickly progress to kidney failure. Hoelen can halt this process by preventing the accumulation of antibodies.


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