Herb of the Day: Basil

( Ocimum basilicum )

Basil is known as the royal herb, because itsname derives from basilicum, the Latin for royal.

Basil is a native to India, and is now cultivated in the Mediterranean, Florida, and Morocco. It comes in more than 100 varieties. The common herb has a dark green leaf that gives off an aromatic scent when it is rubbed be tween your fingers. The plant’s white flowers are crowded at the base of the leafy stalks.
The colorless to yellow oil is distilled from the flower tops, shoots, and the leaves. It has a very strong aroma, similar to tarragon. It is a very popular herb at cooking, a good digestive aid, and is useful as a nerve tonic, and antispasmodic. It also has a antidepressant properties, noted for its ability to help the mind focus and concentrate, and is effective against migraine headaches. You can use Basil in your bath to help clear the sinuses, or diffused to purify the air to mask the smell use it with a citrus based oil or rose oil.
Precautions are avoid basil during pregnancy.
Aids with: colds and flu,hay fever, insect bites, muscular aches and pain, bronchitis, sinusitis, menstrual cramps, mental, physical fatigue, anxiety, stress, menopausal symptoms.


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