Homeopatic: Lillium

( Lillium lancifolium, syn. L. tigrinum )

Native to China And Japan, but now it grows worldwide, almost always for ornamental purposes. The stalk, leaves, and flowers of the fresh plant are finely chopped and than soaked in alcohol for at least 10 days, the mixture then is filtered, diluted and succussed.

The common name for Lillium is, Tiger lily, it comprises around 100 species of bulbous plant including the tiger lily. It was introduced to the West from China, Korea, And Japan, where they cultivated it as a food plant for centuries. The tiger lily has not generally been adopted into the Western herbal repertory, but forms basis of an important homeopathic remedy for uterine pain and emotional problems. Lillium was proved in 1867 by Dr. E.W. Payne of Maine.

Aids with: urinary disorders, heart disorders,depression,uterine prolapse, vulval itching, fibroids may also be treated with the remedy


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