Herb of the Day: Phytolacca

( Plytolacca decandra )

Phyloacca is sometimes called, pokeroot or pokewwed. It is a perennial bush growing in wet areas in various parts of the world. Phytolacca is very high in potassium, the active ingredient affects several parts of the body, muscles, joints,nervous and digestive systems, throat, and bone. The herb has been used for as a folk remedy to make a salve for ulcers and cancerous growths and by Native American tribes as a purgathic and to treat rheumatism.
Homeopathic practitioners use this herb remedy to relieve painful conditions of several types. They may prepare it from the ripe berries or the fresh leaves of the plant, alternatively, especially in the winter the fresh root may be used after being pounded to a pulp.
Aids with: breast abscess and infections, cracked nipples in nursing mothers, Mumps,swollen tonsils,painful sore throats, painful teething, shooting pain that feels like electric shock, pain where tendons attach to bones, hip pain.
Always remember herbs are a medicine.


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