Herb of the Day: Ledum

( Ledum palustre )

Ledum or sometimes it is called, marsh tea, it is found across northern Europe, United States, and Canada. This herb has a antiseptic smell, its upper branches are coated with tiny brown hairs, thus is where Ledum may gets its name, woolly robe, It was used in Scandinavia for insect control, it was also served as a tea substitute and replaced hops in beer,although over consumption resulted in dizziness and a splitting headache, even before the hangover.
In the Homeopathic remedies it is prepared from the whole plant, gathered , dried, and than crushed to a powder.Than is diluted to nontoxic levels in a water, alcohol mix. Homeopathic practitioners consider dilute does of Ledum is helpful in conditions, that may be sings of infections or inflammation. Homeopathic prescriptions, Ledum was developed as a remedy by observation of the reactions of healthy individuals to does of various strengths. The mental, emotional, and physical changes induced by Ledum were than cataloged, than the homeopathic practitioner prescribes it in a extremely, diluted form.
Aids with: animal bites, insect bites, bruises that already have discolored skin, deep cuts, puncture wounds where there is danger of infections, gout, aching joints

Always consult a practitioner before uses of herbs.


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