Traditional Home & Folk Remedies Watercress

( Nasturtium officinalis )

Watercress sounds a vibrational note of purification in our bodies. It can act as a powerful cleanser, stimulating our immune systems to clear stagnant energies and overcome disease by refining, transforming and releasing all that is toxic to our health and harmful to our wellbeing.
Watercress is a floating or a creeping water plant of the mustard family. The best place to find it is in cool streams and ponds also in wet soil. The round edible leaves are pungent to the taste, that is commonly used as salad greens or as a garnish.
It contains benzyl mustard oil, that is a powerfully antibiotic that does not harm healthy bacteria. It is used to treat respiratory ailments as colds, catarrh, and bronchitis.Which should be eaten fresh until symptoms improve. It strengthens the whole body system in cases of debility caused by chronic illness. It can also relieve stress.
The bruised leaves are said to remove pimples, fade freckling, skin eruptions, stimulates digestion, provides a good source of vitamins C, A, and B,iron, potassium, and calcium. beneficial to the health of intestines.
It is a anti inflammatory, diuretic, expectorant, and a antiseptic.


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