Herbal Healing : Bruises

Bruises occurs when the smallest blood vessels, or called the capillaries, are broken or injured. Can be caused by injury or trauma, that causes bleeding under the skin, thus causing a characteristic black and blue appearance.
The blood seeps into the surrounding tissue but soon clots and seals the damage area, thus preventing further damage. The bruises can cause pain and swelling in the area, some of us bruise usually it is a sign of capillary fragility, where the walls are weak and rupture easily. This can occur for reason of aging, diabetes, alcoholism, and nutritional deficiencies.
Always seek medical help if bruises does not fade in a week or so, and before self treatments.

Apply externally a Bruise treatment wash

1 tsp. witch hazel bark
2 tsp. dried hyssop
1 cup water

Put witch hazel in a pan with the water cover and boil for 5 to 10 minutes, cool and strain. To the liquid add dried hyssop soak for 8 hours, than strain. Use as needed.

To strengthen you capillaries.

2 tsp. dried black currant leaves
1 Tbs. white oak bark
2 Tbs. raspberry leaves
2 cups water

Put herbs in a pan, cover with water bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes, cool and strain. Take up to 2 cups a day.


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