Herb of the Day: Black Willow Bark

Black Willow Bark
Botanical name are Salix discolor, Salicacea Family, Salix nigra
( Also known as Pussy Willow, Calkins Willow, Marsh )

Parts used; Bark And berries

The effects of this herb is, Astringent and a antiseptic.

It is originally a European plant but naturalized to some extent in North America . The plant needs a average amount of rainfall, fair climate and good soil.It is about 6 inches tall, the bark pieces are about 3/4 of an inch broad with a blackish gray exterior. There are numerous dark brown spots on the bark. the taste is bitter with no odor.

This herb is used for both men and women, it serves as a sexual sedative where there is sexual irritation of the organs resulting from various genito-urinary irritations. By relieving the irritation and the desire for excessive sex relations is diminished. For women, It is referred to as the, woman’s remedy,it is valuable for the inflamed and ulcerated surfaces of the muccous membrane of the vagina. The bark in powered form’ is mixed with 1 oz. with a pint of boiling water and used as a douche, make sure it is cooled before using as a douche. The same solution may be used for the relief of ovarian pain, the dosage being 1 oz. 2 times a day.
For Men, highly regarded in cases of nocturnal ( nightly ) involuntary, also known as, wet dreams.

Other uses are the powered bark is excellent for direct application to areas of the skin where there are indolent ( inactive ) ulcers and gangrene. The power may also be mixed with cream to make a paste and used as such after being brought to a boil and allowed to simmer for a few minutes. The herb has also been effective for rheumatism, inflamed joints, muscles and nerves, using the same solution and dosage as above.


2 thoughts on “Herb of the Day: Black Willow Bark

    • Hello Laural,
      Sorry it took so long to get back to you
      , Now to answer you question on Black Willow Bark, you can get it from Puritans Pride I believe.
      Always a friend

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