Flower Remedies: Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach was one of the first modern pioneers of healing flowers essences. Dr. Bach was a medical practitioner as well as a psychic who experienced disturbing emotional patterns within himself when he was near a particular flower. He came to learn that taking an essence of the nearby flower would neutralize his psychically induced emotional disturbance. What he discovered was, that the same flower essence would heal similar emotional patterns in others. Dr. Bach was among the first vibrational healers of the 20th century to realize how healing the emotions would contribute to the healing of any physical illness, regardless of the cause.
Flower remedy essence Elm: ( Ulmus Procera ), For people capable people who shoulder responsibility and occasionally take on task that are unreasonably demanding, making them feel exhausted, overwhelmed and temporarily inadequate. Enables you to let others handle the excess responsibility, so you are free to enjoy what you are doing.

I look at flowers as they are my friends, they make me happy when I am sad, cheerful when I am sick. A nice cup of tea at the end of the day is a comfort to my day.


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