Herb Remedies: Liver Tea

Liver Tea

1 cup boiling water
1 tsp. yellow dock root
1 tsp dandelion
1 tsp blue flag
3 tsp. milk thistle
1 tsp ocotillo bark
1 tsp Oregon grape root
1 tsp. redroot
Combine all herbs together in a container. Take 1 Tbs. of mixture and cover with the boiling water, steep for 30 minutes, than cool and strain. Take 1 cup per day as needed.

Remember our liver is the largest organ in our body. It has a number of jobs to do for us. It forms and excretes bile, controls cholesterol metabolism, metabolizing drugs and other substances,forms urea, albumin, enzymes, and other proteins. What can go wrong with our liver is hepatitis and cirrhosis.
Hepatitis is a inflammation of the liver,you may feel tenderness, swelling, mild fever, fatigue, joint or muscle aches, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and possibly diarrhea. Sad to say many cases go undiagnosed because symptoms are indicative of so many other conditions, including the stomach flu. Although hepatitis can be caused by a virus, it may also be caused by drugs, alcohol, and chemicals. Of the 5 types of hepatitis presently known are hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. Rare causes include other viruses, such as yellow fever, leptospirsis, cytomegalovirus, and infectious mononucleosis. Hepatitis can cause permanent damage to our liver.
In Cirrhosis of the liver it is marked by the destruction of normal liver tissue. The destruction leads to scar formation, which interferes with the normal liver function. Sad to say in many cases that the obvious symptoms, do not occur until the disease is quite in advance.
Other herbs that can be beneficial to our liver are blue vervain, devil’s claw, elecampane, horseradish, hyssop,oxeye daisy, peppermint, and yarrow.


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