Education: Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

Because sweet potatoes are a fabulous source of vitamin A , a slice of sweet potato pie offers some of that vitamin’s protection against cancer, and it helps improve skin, nerves, and red blood cells. It is also a good source of blood building iron, riboflavin and thiamine aid energy production, and there’s enough vitamin C to contribute to cancer protection.

Sweet Potato is the member of the morning glory family of plants. Be a little cautious when eating them if you are on a salt free diet, as this gussied-up tater is high in sodium, and moderate in fat and calories. Calories are about for around 4 oz. is 243. The sodium for the same size is 249 mg. If you are using a tasty, leaner version of this Southern classic, use evaporated skim milk instead of whole milk. Replace the whole eggs with egg whites or egg substitute. If you are watching the sodium and fat in you diet, leave the crust on your plate.

What we eat becomes what we become in our minds and body. We need sodium but we do not need all that the food industries want to add to are food. We what to protect are arteries, heart, cholesterol,and all the parts of our bodies. We do not want the, free radicals, to take over, it is similar to what happens to a steak when it sits out on the kitchen counter too long, it goes bad. Food gives us enough, sometimes more than we need, for our daily intake. Our food will taste much better with salt added. At first you may not think so, but try it with out salt use some herbs instead and you will find the taste of vegetables,meat,ect. are better with out adding table salt.


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