Traditional Home & and; Folk Remedies: Cough Syrup

The common cold is a upper respiratory tract infection caused by one of more than 100 viruses. The cough that often accompanies a cold is the body’s attempt to clear the air passage of mucus, dust, or other substances that cause irritation.
I find that this recipe helps my family, and give relief.

Cough Syrup

2 tsp. coltsfoot leaves
1 Tbs. wild plum root
2 tsp. mullein leaves
2 cups boiling water
1 pound honey

Combine the herbs in boiling water, in a nonmetallic container steep for 30 minutes and strain. Add the honey, heating, heating and stirring until the honey is dissolved, cool and store in a glass container. Take 1 Tbs. at a time as needed.
In addition to those herbs listed in the following formula, several other helpful herbs, including black currant, chamomile, Ginkgo biloba, Indian root, peppermint, and queen of the meadow, can help strengthen the immune system and fight off colds and other viral infections and their symptoms.


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