Herb Remedy of the Day: Lachesis


( Lachesis )

The South American bushmaster snake grows to a length of 7 feet and kills its prey, both animal and human, by constriction or by injection of its highly poisonous venom, known as Lachesis,from this Homeopathic remedy is derived. Small doses of the venom can destroy red blood cells and impair the clotting of blood. Larger amounts of Lachesis poison the heart. Homeopathic practitioners believe that the conditions best treated by Lachesis are those with symptoms similar to the ones induced by the venom. To prepare the homeopathic remedy, venom is extracted from the snake and diluted in large quantities of lactose (milk sugar).

Target Ailments: Choking Coughs, Croup, A constricted feeling in the throat, Earaches that are worse during swallowing, Left-sided sore throats, Indigestion, Throbbing headaches especially those that appear during menopause, Insomnia, Hot flashes, heart arrhythmias, Hemorrhoids, Sciatica

Side Effects: None Expected

Like most homeopathic prescriptions, Lachesis was developed as a remedy by observation on the reactions of healthy individuals to doses of various strengths. The mental, emotional, and physical changes induced by Lachesis were then cataloged. When a patient exhibits a set of symptoms that matches the cataloged symptoms that match the symptoms brought on by Lachesis, the homeopathic practitioner then prescribes in an extremely diluted form.

Lachesis is available in various potencies, is both liquid and tablet form.

Special Information: When a remedy is administered, no one but the patient should touch the pills. If tablets are spilled, throw them away. The mouth should be clear of flavors 15minutes before and after taking a remedy. Avoid strong flavors and aromas, such as coffee, camphor, and heavily scented perfumes, for the duration of treatment.

Do not use this or any other homeopathic remedy without consulting a licensed professional.


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