Vitamins and Minerals: Manganese

Manganese is a essential trace element. It is for the proper formation and maintenance of bone, cartilage, and connective tissue. It is necessary for the functioning of the brain, and effective in the treating of many nervous disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia. Deficiency is usually related to a poor diet, particularly one where there is a high intake of foods that are processed and refined. The understanding of manganses is still incomplete, but it may prove to be one of the most important nutrients in human pathology. It appears that it is one of the antioxidant minerals. There is evidence that diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and schizophrenia are linked to manganese deficiency.
Aids with: bones,cartilage, connective tissue, contributes to synthesis of proteins and genetic material, assists in normal blood clotting, brain function,nervous disorders, formation of thyroxin in the thyroid gland, female sex hormones, for the synthesis of the structural proteins of body cells, epilepsy, for metabolism of glucose. Manganses deficiency is extremely rare, it is found in foods as orange juice, bran cereal, bananas, brown rice, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, beans, whole grains, peas, strawberries, pulses, green leaf vegetables.
Caution: toxic levels are rare, but symptoms of excess may include, lethargy, involuntary movements, posture problems, and coma.


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