Herb of the Day: Safflower Flower

Safflower Flower
( Clarthamus tinctorius )

Safflower flower is harvested in several Chinese provinces throughout June and July, when the color of the blossoms changes from yellow to red. The traditionalists prefer to pick safflower flower on the morning of a cloudy day, before the dew has dried. In addition to having a fresh red color, the best safflower flowers feel soft and have long petals. Practitioners characterize this herb as acid and warm.
Herbalists prescribe this herb whose Chinese names, red flower, for several conditions related to the flow of blood through the body. In a clinical trial, the herb seemed effective in treating swelling and bruising that result from acute sprains.
Aids with: Safflower flower is mixed with cnidium root for chest pain.Mixed dong quai and sappan wood to make a preparation for treating the pain and swelling associated with trauma. Mixed with Chinese foxglove root, red peony, and forsythia fruit for pain, redness, and swelling of the eyes. Mixed with groomwell root made into a decoction and taken internally or externally to treat boils, carbuncles, and childhood measles.
Targets: for internally, delayed menstruation, poor blood circulation, blood clots, stabbing chest pain, Apply externally for burns, bruises, injuries to the skin. Both internally and externally for sores, carbuncles, measles in early stages.
Caution; Do not use if pregnant.


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