Herb of the Day: Thuja

( Thuja occidentalis )

Thuja comes from the leaves and green twigs of an evergreen tree that grows in moist soil in North America, it also has been called variously, western hemlock, white cedar, and tree of life. The twigs contain a substance that alters the concentration of salt, water, and electrolytes in the body. In the past times, this plant was used to treat fever and intestinal worms and was used as a expectorant. Native American herbalists used it to treat joint and other diseases. The modern day herbalists use Thuja for psoriasis and rheumatism and to treat warts. The homeopathic uses it to treat warts, To prepare this remedy, the leaves and twigs are removed while the tree is in bloom, pounded, and than soaked in alcohol solution. Like most homeopathic prescriptions, Thuja was developed as a remedy by observation of the reactions of healthy individuals to doses of various strengths. The mental, emotional, and physical changes induced by Thuja, the homeopathic practitioners then prescribes it in a extremely dilute form. It is presumed that in this highly dilute dosage, Thuja can counter symptoms that are similar to the ones it induces when it is at full strength.

CAUTION:: Apart from its use to treat warts, Thuja SHOULD be taken ONLY if prescribed by a homeopathic practitioner, because of its deep acting nature.
Aids with: Warts especially on the chin, genitals, or anus, particularly those that grow in a cauliflower shape, painful or bleeding warts. Headaches related to overtiredness and stress, on left side of the head, feel like a nail pressing into the head. Joint inflammation, and swelling aggravated by damp weather.


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