Herb of the Day: Coffea Cruda

Coffea Cruda
( Coffea arabica )

The berries of the plant are sun dried to produce the coffee bean. The beans are ground to a powder to make the homeopathic preparation, they are not roasted as in the preparation of coffee, and left to sit for 8 days in a alcohol mixture. The sediment is then reduced by boiling, the resulting remedy is prescribed in an extremely dilute from.

Like the wildly used drink, this remedy come from the coffee plant. The evergreen shrub is found in the tropical regions worldwide. Historically coffee has been used often as a social drink,first in the Arab world and then in Europe. It has also been used medicinally as a diuretic to relieve headache, and to prevent sleepiness, and as a antidote, to poisoning from morphine and some snake venoms. The effect of coffee on wakefulness is believed to have been discovered by an Ethiopian goatherd, who first noticed its effect on his goats. In homeopathic use, it is said to have a relaxing effect on people who are overexcited, oversensitive, wired up, or unable to sleep after receiving either good or bad news. The stimulating effect of sudden strong emotions has in fact been compared to the effect of drinking coffee. A homeopathic dose of Coffea can help counteract the wakeful effect of coffee drunk during the day.
Aids with; excitability, oversensitivity, over-excitement, headache with one sided pain that worsens with noise, insomnia from over acted mind, toothache especially shooting, spasmodic pain is made worse by heat and warm drinks and is relieved by cold water in the mouth.


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