Herbal Healing: Ching Wan Hung

Ching Wan Hung
English Name ( Capital Myriad Red )

Chinese quince, burnet bloodwort root, frankincense, Chinese lobelia, myrrh, safflower flower, dang gui, borneol camphor.

Ching Wan Hung is a topical prescribed by practitioners of Chinese medicine to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote regeneration of burned tissue. The formula is used to treat all kinds of burns, including sunburn and those caused by steam, hot water, flame, chemicals, and radiation therapy. The ointment is also in the treatment of hemorrhoids.
The ointment is sold by the tube or jar at many Chinese pharmacies and Oriental grocery. You can also make your on by buying the herbs and ingredients and make your own ointment.
This ointment should be used for first or second degree burns with no infections. If you use with a gauze dressing it should be changed daily.
Aids with: sunburn,burns from steam. hot water, flame, hot oil, chemilcals, radiation therapy.


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