Herb of the Day: Ashwaganda

( withania aommifera )

Parts used; root, leaves

Ashwaganda is a cluster of tiny green and yellow flowers, this small shrub from India is believed to strengthen the body and to serve as a source of energy.The root, leaves are used, of ashwaganda for restoring muscles, body tissues, and bone marrow. It is commonly prescribed as a medicinal supplement for people recovering from an illness or suffering from excessive fatigue, Ashwaganda also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, and according to tradition, it is believed to help prevent male sterility and other sexual ailments.
There is a precaution; Do not eat ashwaganda berries, they may cause severe gastrointestinal pain. This herb should not be used with children unless it is specifically prescribed by a healthcare practitioner knowledgeable about herbs.
Aids with: internally, loss of muscular strength, Multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, fatigue, infertility male sterility, sexual debility, indigestion, heart disease, hay fever.
Apply medicated oil externally for: carbuncles sores, inflammations swelling. Apply as a compress to affected area for ringworm.


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