Children Health: Herbalism

Children Health Herbalism

Some children have a higher metabolic rate, and good underlying energy in most cases, herbs which stimulate the circulation are generally to be avoided. The herbal teas are one of the most suitable forms of treatment. With stronger preparations such as infusions and decoctions it is sensible to work on the principle of reaching an adult dose at age 16; a child of 8 will be given half the dose, and a 4 only quarter the adult dose. To achieve this reduce the amount of herb used in the preparation per given the amount of water, or by reducing the amount of the preparation given to the child.
Some of the most suitable and common teas given to children are catnip, for nasal congestion,catarrh, repeated colds, blocked ears, fevers, restlessness, respiratory infections. Catnip and peppermint has a slightly underlying bitterness, that indicates their usefulness too in picking up the appetite after a fever illness.
Chamomile is used for digestive upsets from stomach pains, from over eating,flatulence, diarrhea, as a mild laxative, calms child when irritable and cross if feeling ill, find it hard to sleep ( do not make it to strong it would make them more stimulated or irritable ).
Elderflower, is the best temperature regulator in fevers, give a child a cup of tea if the fever is too high it will induce sweating, cool system, helps colds, flu, relieve catarrh.
Lemon Balm, a great herb for gently aiding relaxation, digestive and nervous tonic, helpful in convalescence,
Lime Blossom, for tension headaches, mild digestive upsets, colds and flu with aching limbs, induce a calm and restful sleep.
Peppermint, is the best remedy for trapped wind, nausea, indigestion, early stages of a cold with fluctuating temperatures and nasal congestion.
Many of these teas may be blended together, although Chamomile and Peppermint seem to be better alone. for extra benefit, and can be used, , for infants sometimes it is best to add 5 ml ( 1 tsp. ) to a bottle of their normal juice or water.


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