Vitamins And Minerals: Vanadium

( trace minerals are called micromineral )

Vanadium is a trace mineral, many believe that it is vital to the function of several body systems. The body utilizes over 80 minerals for maximum function. Because the plants and soil is so nutrient depleted, even if we eat the healthiest foods we are not getting all the minerals we need for health conditions such as, cancer, diabetes,heart disease and such as many other cases. The more we learn about vitamins and minerals the more we can take charge of our own health.
The precise role of the trace mineral vanadium in human nutrition is little known but possibly essential. Limited evidence suggests that vanadium lowers blood sugar levels in some people, and inhibits tumor development, therefore may protect against diabetes ans some forms of cancer. It also appears to contribute to cholesterol metabolism and hormone production. Because the symptoms of vanadium deficiency are unknown researchers assume that humans require only small amount, which a diet apparently provides.
Natural sources: vanadium exists in whole grains, nuts, root vegetables, liver, fish, and vegetable oils.
Aids with cancer, diabetes.


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