Vitamin and Mineral: Vitamin D

Vitamin D
( cholecalciferol, ergocalciferol )

Vitamin D is a fat soluble, excess amounts of it are stored in the body. Because of its potentially toxic effects, vitamin D should not be taken in supplements of more than 400 IU daily unless prescribed by a doctor. Natural sources are in herring, salmon,tuna,dairy products,milk,breakfast cereals,infant formulas. Few other foods naturally contain vitamin D, but 10 minutes in the midday summer sun enables the body to produce about 200 Iu of it.

Vitamin D not only promotes healthy bones and teeth by regulating the absorption and balance of calcium and phosphorus but also fosters normal muscle contraction and nerve function. Vitamin D prevents rickets, a disease of calcium deprived bone that results in bowlegs, knock knees, and other bone defects. Vitamin D supplements may help treat psoriasis and slow or even reverse some cancers, such as myeloid leukemia.
Aids with cancer, skin problems


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