Recipe of the Day: Christmas Tree Relish Tray

I know that its a little early for Christmas, but hey, you have to try it first before you serve it, right? By the look of the recipe, it will take a little time so try it on a weekend. My two favorite things, crafts and food.

Christmas Tree Relish Tray

Items needed:
1 Styrofoam cone- it should be about a foot tall
Some mustard greens or fresh chicory stalks
Cherry Tomatoes
Zucchini Slices
Cauliflower Florets
Carrot Sticks
Radish Roses

Turn the cone over so the point is up. Start at the bottom and circle the base with the greens, use wire staples or clothing pins. Add another layer over the first. Work upward and continue adding layers until the whole cone is covered. Decorate with the veggies, using the toothpicks to hold them to the tree. Decorative and tasty. Place a small bowl of ranch or veggie dip next to the tree.

You can use fruits as an alternative to this and make it a fruit tree.


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