Homeopathy; Mercurius Vivus

Mercurius Vivus
( Mercurius Vivus, quicksilver,mercury, babnemanni )

In Roman times Mercury was known as the messenger of the gods. One of the metallic element, mercury; also called quicksilver, was known in ancient Chinese and Hindu civilizations and had a long history of medicinal use. Although it is toxic and if given in too large of a dose it causes salivation and vomiting, and so in ancient medicine it was used, along with bloodletting and purging, as a means of ridding the body of impurities. Undilute mercury is toxic, and sever symptoms of mercury poisoning may include nausea, inflammation of the digestive tract, and kidney failure. Mercury is usually found in cinnabar, a mineral which forms near hot springs and volcanoes. A silvery white liquid metal, it is dissolved in dilute nitric acid, forming particles which are dried and powdered for homeopathic use. Homeopathic practitioners prescribe Mercury viv for conditions accompanied by symptoms of shaking, hot and cold sweats, and restlessness. It is made from the chemical element mercury by dilution with large quantities of milk sugar.
Aids with; abscesses, especially dental or glandular, backache with burning shooting pains in the lower back, chickenpox, colds with an exceptionally runny nose and pain in the nostrils, cystitis with slow urination, painful diarrhea, influenza, earache with discharge of pus, eye inflammation, indigestion, mouth ulcers, burning sore throat, toothache with increased salivation,smelly discharge, chronic conjunctivitis, glutinous saliva which stains pillow during sleep, phlegmy cough which is worse in the warmth at night, pus filled skin eruptions, excessive vaginal discharge, green looking stools flecked with blood, gingivitis, thrush, bad breath, loose teeth, infected gums, swollen tonsils, ulcers, foul smelling sweats, blisters and scalp lesions, swollen eye lids due to conjunctivitis.


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