Homeopathy: Rhus Toxicodendron

Rhus Toxicodendron
( Rhus Toxicodendron )

This vine like scrub, known as poison ivy, grows throughout North America and is well Known for the itchy red rash its oil can cause on the skin. The medical history of its leaves and stalks began in the late 18 century, when it was used to treat conditions such as paralysis and rheumatism. The effects of its undilute form can range from a rash to nausea, fever, delirium, swollen glands, and ulcers in the oral cavity. For this reason Homeopathic practitioners use Rhus toxicodendron, or Rhus tox, as it is called today, to treat conditions that may be accompanied by fever, restlessness, and swollen glands. Rhus tox in liquid and in tablet form.
Aids with: backache with stiffness along the spine, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, eye inflammation with swelling and itching, with sticky matter between the eyelids, genital herpes, hamstring injury, flu with painful joints, headaches, hives that itch, sting and intensify after they are scratched, joint back pain from overexertion, impetigo, poison ivy, sprains with stiffness, toothaches.


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