Herb of the Day : Cucumber

( Cucumis sativus )

Cucumber Since ancient times, the juice of cucumber has been used as a facial cleaner and as a treatment for skin irritations. Cleopatra herself was reputed to have used it to preserve her beautiful skin. Culpeper recommends cucumber for sunburns and freckles. Eaten as a vegetable, it is a good diuretic and can help prevent constipation. Researches are now investigating an extract of cucumber as a possible cholesterol buster. The cucumber is a vine fruit that can be eaten fresh or pickled. It is the member of the Cucurbitaceae family, it is related to melons and squash. Cucumber were native to northweastern India but have long been distributed throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa. Cucumber is a popular vegetable, which has been widely used in folk medicine to reduce heat and inflammation. It is rich in vitamin C,and also used externally to cool and cleanse.
Uses: diuretic, cooling, cleansing skin disorders, juice used for gout, eczema, arthritis, anti inflammatory, strained eyes reduce swelling, ground seeds treats tapeworms, kidney tonic, cucumber ointment for skin conditions, cucumber juice lung and chest infections to bring down fever .


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