Homeopathy: Hypericum

( Hypericum perforatum )

Also known as St John’s wort, Hypericum grows in woodlands across Europe, Asia, and the United States, blooming with a profusion of yellow flowers from June to September. The flowers if bruised, bleed a reddish juice. The dark green leaves of the plant are dotted with oil producing pores. According to a ancient healing wisdom, because Hypericum seemed to resemble skin, with its pores and its simulation of bleeding on injury, it was considered ideal for all matter of flesh wounds. In Homeopathy, the remedy it is often prescribed for bodily injuries, among other conditions, but it is selected for the soothing effect it is said to have on injured nerves rather than for any traditional reason. The entire plant is harvested for Homeopathy use in summer, when its yellow flowers are in full bloom. It is pounded to a pulp and soaked in a alcohol solution before being brought to the desired potencies through a vigorous dilution process. Like most Homeopathy prescriptions, Hypericum was developed as a remedy by observation of the reactions of healthy individuals to doses of various strengths. The mental, emotional, and physical changes induced by Hypericum were then cataloged. When a patient exhibits a set of symptoms that matches the cataloged symptoms brought on by Hypericum, the Homeopathic practitioner then prescribes it in a extremely dilute form. It is presumed that in this highly dilute dosage, Hypericum can counter symptoms that are similar to the ones it induces when it is at full strength. Its name Hypericum cames from John the Baptist, the black marks on its leaves are said to be a symbol of his beheading at the insistence of Herod’s daughter, Salome.
Aids with: backaches centered along the lower spine with shooting pains, bites and stings from animals and insects, especially when they become inflamed or include nerve damage, curs and wounds to nerve rich parts of the body, like the fingers, lips, caused by accidents or surgery,depression, head injuries,asthma which worsens,


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