Herb of the Day: Ganoderma

( Ganoderma lucidum )

A variety of mushroom also known as ling zhi in Chins and as reishi in the West, ganoderma grows in mountainous regions in China. It is a rare fungus that Chinese practitioners value highly for its multiple uses. Practitioners have traditionally used it to treat psychological disturbances as well as respiratory complaints and ulcers. In traditional Chinese medicine, where herbs are classified according to heating and cooling properties, ganoderma is categorized as neutral. Ganoderma has also been prescribed to boost patients immune systems. It appears to help the body to rest a wide range of physical, biological, and environmental stresses. This herb has also been proven useful in conjunction with conventional medical treatment of Aids, and cancer. And in clinical studies, ganoderma seems to have reduced blood pressure in human and animals. Chinese takes a Holistic approach to healthcare, fashioning remedies to treat the entire being as well as the specific parts or ares.
Aids with: nervousness, insomnia, dizziness, asthma, allergy related chronic bronchitis, weakened immune system, tumors, ulcers, poor blood circulation, mushroom poisoning.
There can be a side effects as dizziness, sore bones, itchy skin, increased bowel movements, hardened feces and pimple like eruptions. Stop using the herb and see your doctor.


One thought on “Herb of the Day: Ganoderma

  1. With the demand for natural and non-invasive healthcare on the

    rise,The basis of natural therapy lies in believing that as the

    essence of nature, human body itself has already acquired the

    experiences that nature uses to resist a variety of injuries

    stress and sickness for billions of years.

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