Education: Indian John

Indian John, Jacob John Derringer, was a frontier Herbalist of the Kansas- Nebraska prairie, he was 92 years of age when he died. Foe 40 years he had been a trusted herbalist and practitioner of folk medicine among homesteaders in the area. He was credited by his neighbors with extraordinary diagnostic abilities and countless remarkable cures. Hie medicines were made from indigenous prairie plants, and his treatments were derived from Native American tradition. In Indian John’s herbal remedies, the paths of the two cultures met. He first appeared on the Kansas frontier in the 1880, when he was already 50 years old. A compelling personal appearance, obscure origins, and a mysterious background with a formidable mystique. He was described in his prime as a large but not fat man, over 6 ft, and as straight as a arrow, he had piercing eyes, a square jaw, and longish hair. A most interesting story might have been written of this life and work, with the traditional stoicism of the Indian and their disdain of praise, he steadfastly refused to give a connected narrative of his life. Instead, Derringer let a patchwork of fact and legend about his early life and training as a medicine man develop around him.
This is part one of Indian John Part two is tomorrow. I love this story about Indian John and the Kids also love it. Adrian 8 Mark 7.


3 thoughts on “Education: Indian John

    • Hello, Yes I have always loved this story and they kids are very much like you, they cant wait until the story ends. It is a long one Impossible to write it all at once. He in my opinion was a great herbalist, an amazing person.

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