Herb of the Day: Lycopodium

( Lycopodium clavatum )

To create the homeopathic remedy, pollen is extracted from the spores and than diluted with milk sugar.

Lycopodium, is also know as club moss, which grows in pastures and woodlands throughout Great Britain, northern Europe, and North America. The spores contain a highly flammable pollen that was once used in fireworks. Powder made from its ground up spores has been used for internal complaints like diarrhea and dysentery since the 17 century. Homeopathic physicians use dilute doses of lycopodium for complaints that are accompanied by symptoms of digestive upset, ailments that seem to develop on the right side of the body, a strong desire for sweets, anxiety, and symptoms that worsen in the early evening.
Aids with: backaches with stiffness and soreness in the lower back, bedwetting, colds with stuffy nose, constipation, coughs with mucus present, cystitis,headache with throbbing pain that gets worse between 4 and 6 PM, , gout, indigestion with abdominal cramps, gas, heartburn, joint pain, sciatica, right side sore throat, eczema.
Best to consult a homeopathic physicians for doses on use.


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