Herb of the Day: Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemum Flower
( Chrysanthemum indicum )

The wild chrysanthemum is found throughout China, it is valued for its anti inflammatory and antibiotic effects. The best flower for medicinal purposes are yellow and fragrant and have an acid, bitter taste. In traditional Chinese medicine the herb is characterized as acrid, bitter, and slightly cold. They harvest it in the fall, when the flowers are in bloom. Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach to health
The dried chrysanthemum flowers are found in Chinese pharmacies in bulk, or Asian food markets, and some Western health food stores. care, fashioning remedies to treat the entire being as well as the specific parts or areas of the body. Single herbs are used alone or in a combination with other herbs to prevent and combat disease, which is thought to arise from disturbances in the flow of a bodily energy called chi, pronounced ” chee : and blood, or from a lack of balance in the complementary states of yin and yang.
Chrysanthemum flower mixed the honeysuckle flowers and other herbs are a formula for cold and flu. The herb combined with prunella and white mulberry leaf is prescribed for painful, red swollen eyes. A mixture of chrysanthemum flower and honeysuckle is taken for red, swollen, and painful sores. Modern practitioners use a blend containing chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, and dandelion to treat high blood pressure. Ask your practitioner of Chinese medicine for dosages and additional herbal combinations.
Use chrysanthemum flower cautiously if you have diarrhea, in some cases the herb can make the problem worse.
Chrysanthemum flower aids with: internally for headache, dizziness, hearing problems, hypertension ( high blood pressure ), apply externally as a compress or wash for conjunctivitis, red dry eyes, blurred vision, spots in front of the eyes.


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