Herb of the Day: Agrimony

( Agrimonia eupatoria )
Also known as Stickweed, Cocklebur

Parts used: Entire plant
Method of preparing it the Sun method

Agrimony is a wild plant has small yellow flowers on tapering spikes like church spires, to some it is known as ” church steeples ” The seeds vessels are covered in hooked hairs and cling to animals coming in contact with them. They need a fair amount of good soil, water and sunshine. Wild agrimony was once a popular plant for use in home remedies, treating wounds and sore throats. It is also said to have magic powers.
Agrimony is used as a flower remedy in Herbalism, the goal of it for self acceptance. People who need it will put on a brave face of cheerfulness. Laughter hides things as well as being distracting, other distraction may be drink, drugs, or dangerous or thrill seeking hobbies or occupations. They may be unable to sleep, or are restless sleepers. Agrimony helps us love our self as we are and put away the mask. It helps us be able to cope with the difficult side of our nature , and use our humor the right way.
Argimony when absorbed into the system, it strengthens and tones the muscles of the body and thus is a tonic. It effects the cells of the kidneys, allowing fluids to pass more readily and thus is a diuretic. It reduces or removes diarrhea effective in improving stomach, liver, bowels, treating stones and gravel in kidneys, as a gargle for sore throats,


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