Education: Herbs that Promote Good Circulation


Herbs that Promote Good Circulation

The incidence of blood clots in some countries that regularly use curry in the foods is much lower than the ones in the United States. Herbs as turmeric, garlic, cayenne, ( usual ingredients in curry powder )believed to help prevent platelets from sticking together and forming dangerous blood clots that could result in heart attack and strokes. Studies show also the the extract of ginko helps improve the blood supply through out the body, especially the brain. A study in 1980 by the French, shows that ginkgo prevents cells from sticking together to from dangerous blood clots, which would impair the flow of blood and cause stroke and heart attacks.


One thought on “Education: Herbs that Promote Good Circulation

  1. Well written and concise, highlighting benefits of certain herbs in promoting good circulation.

    It’s good to know that people are now realising the importance of herbs and spices and the great benefit they can bring to the overall health of an individual. Herbs that promote good circulation could be life savers.

    Herbs have been used for thousands of years in the Indian subcontinent. Herbs like ginger, garlic, chilli peppers, and turmeric make up the base of curry dishes, so basically these are healthy for you.

    More people should use these herbs and spices in their daily diet to reap the great benefits they bring.

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