Herb of the Day: Linden

( Tilia x europaea )

Linden also known as lime blossoms, lime flowers, linden flowers, or tilia, comes from the tall growing lime tree and has been used in herbal therapy since the late Middle Ages. Its diaphoretic ( sweet including ) properties make it useful for reducing fever in colds and flu. It is also helpful for clearing excess mucus from the bronchial passages. The herb has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and is taken for insomnia, nervous tension, migraine headaches, and cramps. Some herbalist recommend it for preventing high blood pressure and atherosclerosis and treating high blood pressure. Traditionally, linden was used to treat epileptic patients and overactive children. The herb is also considered helpful for promoting digestion and makes a pleasant after dinner drink. It inducing sweating and reduces fevers,suitable for children.
Combinations: to calm nerves mix with hops, to relieve colds mix with elderflower, for migraines brought on by stress mix with equal parts hawthorn, wood betony, skullcap, and cramp bark take 3 times a day as a tea. to treat high blood pressure mix with valerian and hawthorn.
Caution: People with heart problems should use linden only upon the advice of a doctor. Use of this herb by children for more than 10 days should done in conjunction with a healthcare practitioner. Possible interactions are combining linden with other herbs may necessitate a lower dosage. Its flower is toxic to bees.


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