Herbal Healing: Gorse

( Ulex europaeus )
It is a bushy scrub with pea like yellow flowers, the Western plant is different than the common gorse, its color is a darker shade of yellow. It blooms in the late summer than in early fall. Because of its aggressive seed dispersal they become a invasive, “weed”, in foreign lands and thought hard to get rid of. Some seeds can lay dormant for 40 years.

A native of United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Portugal. and was introduce to parts of America , Australia and New Zealand, as hedge plants. The seed has a coconut taste and aroma, it is used to make wine. The branches have a very high concentration of oil, and over the years been used for fuel. It is easy to light and burns hot. It also has been used for livestock feeding because of it high protein, and been used for soap making.

Flower essences uses: Dr Edward Bach was almost synonymous with flower remedies. Gorse is made as a flower remedy, using the Sun method. It is for strong feelings of hopelessness and despair. People who need Gorse may seek help in order to please others, but underneath feel that nothing more can be done for them. They have loss the will to strive, perhaps due to a life event of an accident, a medical diagnosis, maybe to a long standing illness or fear. They are caught up in negativity, unwilling to try new avenues or unwilling to hope. Gorse gives them the courage to try build renewed hope, and the will to fight toward recovery. It is useful when a long period of retraining is necessary, like after a stroke, loss of limbs, or a major accident, when the person feels that there is no use in trying. Gorse helps open a door to possibilities, encourages and objective attitude, and strengthens the heart to face them.


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