Herbal Healing: Mustard

( Sinapis alba, Brassica nigra )

Mustard has been used in traditional home and folk medicines for centuries. When we did not have Doctors to run to we reached for our Herbs and spices.

Powdered mustard seeds have no smell until water is added, then a pungent odor is released.

Mustard leaves are very nutritious they contain vitamin A, iron and zinc, rich in calcium.
Mustard seeds can burn the skin so be careful when using them.
Avoid contact with the mucous membranes, and with sensitive skin.
Mustard aids with: restoring bacterial balance in the intestines, white mustard relieves pain,is a diuretic, antibiotic, mustard flour is an antiseptic, deodorizer, mustard oil used for pain of arthritic conditions, chilblains, excellent expectorant, powerful emetic, black and white mustard are warming can be used to draw infection, congestion away from nasal congestion, relief of abscess, Rubefacient qualities help respiratory, circulatory disorders, including heart problems. Taken internally it encourages circulation eases stomach and liver problems, also is able to stimulate the heart. Eat fresh mustard leaves when convalescing they are nutritious and will help to encourage healing. Mustard foot bath is a traditional remedy for colds, headaches, circulatory problems. Mustard poultice on the chest relieves infections, congestion, mustard seed essential oil used externally for neuralgia, pain from rheumatism, sciatica, and lumbago.


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