Homeopathy : Aurum Met.

Aurum Met.

( Aurum metallicum, gold

Aurum Met. is derived from the precious mental, gold, and is used by Homeopathy, for a variety of complaints.

Used by the Arab physicians, in the 12th century to treat heart conditions. Today used Homeopathy, it is given to treat a range of clinical complaints, such as heart disease and depression. In the early 20th century, it was used in diagnosing and treating tuberculosis, and today is used for treating cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. It is found in Canada, the U. S., South Africa, and Australia.

Aids with: depression, ailments accompanied by sensitivity to touch, taste, smell, noise, chest pain, liver problems, sinusitis, symptoms of heart disease, increase in blood circulation, mental conditions,

Symptoms: depression even suicidal, explosive behavior if contradicted. Physical: red flashes when angry, blood congestion in organs, such as liver and heart, inflammation of testes in young boys.
Persons that need Aurum Met. are, feelings of failure, suicidal thoughts, deep sense of duty, workaholics that set high hopes.


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