Homeopathy: Baryta Carb

Baryta Carb
( Baryta carbonica, barium carbonate, witherite )

Baryta Carb is found in the earth’s crust in the U.S. and parts of Europe. A poisonous alkaline soluble saltis barte and witherite. When it is heated it glows and is a useful tool in radiology. Witherite got its name from the man who discovered it, William Withering, in 1783. It was given medicinally to treat glandular swellings, tuberculosis.

Homeopathically, it was first proven by Hahnemann, the remedy is used mainly for children and the elderly. Aids persons that tend to be overweight, mentally dull,may be mentally challenged, forgetful, short attention span, children that are timid and slow developers, likes cold food, fear of strangers, things that may happen, memory loss, dwells on past, confusion, lack of self confidence, odd sensations as cobwebs on face,recurrent sore throats, palpitations when lying on the left side, frequent urination, constipation.
Uses and relieves: enlarge glands, headaches, slow development, Is a useful remedy for children, adults who have immature tendencies as if going through a second childhood. Children who are shy , are late in walking and talking. Are susceptible to infection.
Are slow to develop physically. Slow intellectually, physically, and emotionally respond well. The elderly suffering from senile dementia or a stroke also respond well.


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